Pet Simulator X 2

It seems there is no Roblox user that has not tried the Pet Simulator project. As you can guess from its title, the game is devoted to pets. But what is the plot? Here, your task is to adopt various pets, beginning from simple cats and dogs to legendary creatures like unicorns and dragons. To some extent, this entertainment repeats Adopt Me, but this time, you will also have to pump your characters in different ways. The process of getting a new pet is very exciting – each of them is hatched from an egg! Just like a bird! At the very start, you will get an egg with a cat or dog. But then, you should earn coins and hunt for other creatures until you build a collection with the rarest species possible. And your progress fully depends on your ability to earn money in this fabulous universe. So how to get resources in Pet Simulator? There are several ways here. The first method is to use your existing pets. Allow your characters to move around the location and collect gold coins. Do not be slow as other participants will catch them from under your nose! Also, look for treasure chests that are hidden around – you will need to get these broken to reach the bonus. And, of course, participate in thrilling mini-games, complete tasks, leave your opponents behind and win bonuses! Do not forget that there is high competition here – there are many other characters that will be trying to grab coins and treasures, so you should not leave them a single chance for it. Every time, try to get a new pet to your collection. Recently, developers added a new category – Mythic Pets. Besides, you will be able to experiment with your current animals and modify them through different updates and features. All these actions will require coins. But developers have decided to make things easier for you and regularly give out codes. These codes can be found on the official pages of the Pet Simulator community. Usually, these work as currency multipliers – once you enter a valid code, your coins will multiply! This approach will allow you to get more expensive egg and hatch a unique pet. Alternatively, you can use your funds to buy the desired character from the other players.

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